The Faculty of Humanities Welcomed ANABUKI COLLEGE GROUP

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               On November 22, 2022, Associate Professor Dr. Phongsakorn Methitham, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and International Affairs, together with the Administrative Board, the Head of the Department of Eastern Languages, and lecturers from the Japanese Language Department, jointly welcomed Mr. Jin Murakami, a representative from ANABUKI COLLEGE GROUP, and Ms. Sataporn Tantanee (interpreter) who came to introduce Japanese Language Department of ANABUKI COLLEGE GROUP. ANABUKI COLLEGE GROUP is the largest professional group in Chugoku and Shiko region, Japan, with 18 professional institutions in total. The executives of both agencies negotiated and discussed the issue of granting scholarships and supporting international student exchange. The visitors also met Associate Professor Dr. Sarintip Tantanee, Acting President of Naresuan University at the Office of the President of Naresuan University.


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