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Bachelor of Arts Program in Thai Performing Arts

Bachelor of Arts (Thai Performing Arts)
B.A. (Thai Performing Arts)
This curriculum focuses on producing graduates who are skilled in advanced Thai performing arts, performing, script writing and doing creative works, and who are able to apply the knowledge analytically and critically in research works and in their professions. Learners are also expected to be able to integrate the knowledge of Thai performing arts with other sciences in order to achieve self-development as well as professional, economic, social, and national development.

Curriculum Schedule
Bi-Semester Program (Regular Program)
Monday through Friday   8 A.M. to 5 P.M. for 4 years (8 semesters)

Curriculum Features
This curriculum features the preservation and the creation of performing arts.  It comprises of 7 courses in Thai performing arts and those concerning creative research design and script writing.  In addition, there are courses focusing on professional aspects such as those on Thai performing arts, international performing arts and designing that will prove effectively useful professionally.

Examples of Courses

202111 Thai Dance Skill for Female Character I 3 Credits
202112 Thai Dance Skill for Female Character I 3 Credits
202103 Performing Arts Theories 3 Credits
202181 Dance in the Lower Northern Region Areas 3 Credits
202241 Performing Arts and Media 3 Credits
202201 Contemporary Dance 3 Credits
202251 Performing Arts Literature 3 Credits
202271 Performing Arts Literature 3 Credits
202231 Performing Arts Research I 3 Credits
202341 Choreography I 3 Credits
202301 Dance Appreciation 3 Credits
202342 Choreography II 3 Credits
202397 Performing Arts Management 3 Credits
202499 Performing Arts Senior Project 3 Credits
202462 Thai Dance Forum 3 Credits
202497 or 202498 Co-operative Education or International Academic or Professional Training 6 Credits



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