About Faculty of Humanities


Recognition: Be widely recognised as a strong and outstanding faculty within the fields
                     of Humanities.
Reliability: Be reliable and dependable for the society in terms of academics.
Respectability: Be respectable as an academic institution.

Pembroke Building


  1. Produce graduates who uphold academic excellence, morality and ethics
  2. Explore new knowledge within the fields of Humanities for academic advantages.
  3. Provide academic services for the development and benefit of the society.
  4. Conserve, restore, create, and promote Thai arts and culture at both local and national levels.
  5. Promote learning and distributing international arts and cultures.
  6. Establish academic collaborations.


  1. Production of graduates in the field of Humanities at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  2. Production of graduates who uphold morality, ethics, and quality that reaches international standards. Graduates must also possess essential skills for the current and future working conditions; including competencies in the Thai and foreign languages, computers, and technology.
  3. Production of high-quality research within the field of Humanities that is accepted nationally and internationally.
  4. Provision of academic services to organisations both inside and outside the university as well as being reliable to society in terms of academics.
  5. Provision of curriculums and activities that promote and sustain Thai arts and culture.
  6. Creation of academic collaborations with national and international institutions.


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Faculty of Humanities, Naresuan University, Phitsanulok Province, Thailand 65000

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E-mail : humanadmission@nu.ac.th, Website: http://www.human.nu.ac.th, Facebook : Faculty of Humanities NU

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