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     Naresuan University started as the Phitsanulok branch of the College of Education that was established in 1967. In 1974, the College of Education was upgraded to university status and the branch in Phitsanulok became one of the eight campuses of Srinakharinwirot University. In 1990, the Phitsanulok Campus was designated as a separate university and was given the name “Naresuan University” by His Majesty King Bhumibol.

     Faculty of Humanities was officially established on 28 June 1974, in the same year that the Phitsanulok branch of the College of Education was upgraded to a campus of Srinakharinwirot University.

     In the early years of establishment, Faculty of Humanities worked with Faculty of Education in producing graduates of Bachelor of Education programs in Thai and in English. In 1978, Faculty of Humanities first produced Bachelor of Arts graduates in English Language and Literature as well as in Thai Language and Literature. Two years later, the Faculty offered one more program of undergraduate study for the Bachelor of Arts degree in History.




              In 2009, Faculty of Humanities offers 10 Bachelor’s degree programs in English, French, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Myanmar Studies, Thai Dramatic Arts, Thai Classical Music, and Western Music.
              The Faculty offers 7 Master’s degree programs in Linguistics, Thai, English, Folklore, Music and Dance Studies, French Studies and Japanese Studies
              Moreover, Faculty of Humanities offers 4 Doctoral degree programs in English, Thai, Folklore, and Linguistics.

Pembroke Building [1]


Since 2005, Naresuan University has granted the permission to divide the work sectors in Faculty of Humanities into a secretariat and 4 departments: Department of Western Languages, Department of Eastern Languages, Department of Language and Folklore, and Department of Fine and Applied Arts.  The Secretariat and the 4 Departments consist of smaller work units as follows:

  1. The Secretariat
  2. Department of Western Languages
    1. Division of French Language
    2. Division of English Language
  3. Department of Eastern Languages
    1. Division of Chinese Language
    2. Division of Japanese Language
    3. Division of Myanmar Language
    4. Division of Korean Language
  4. Department of Language and Folklore
    1. Division of Linguistics
    2. Division of Thai Language
    3. Division of Folklore
  5. Department of Fine and Applied Arts
    1. Division of Thai Performing Arts
    2. Division of Thai Classical Music
    3. Division of Western Music
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              In 2003, Naresuan University granted the permission to dissolve Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as its 5 departments into “Faculty of Humanities” and to set up 3 new faculties: Faculty of Management and Information Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, and Faculty of Law.  The Division of Packaging Design was then transferred to Faculty of Architecture.
              After resuming its original name, Faculty of Humanities divided the work sectors into a secretariat and 10 divisions: Division of Thai, Division of English, Division of French, Division of Linguistics, Division of Chinese, Division of Japanese, Division of Myanmar, Division of Thai Performing Arts, Division of Thai Classical Music, and Division of Western Music.



              In 1996, Naresuan University Council voted to dissolve the 12 departments of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences into 5 departments: Department of Languages, Department of Humanities, Department of Communication, Department of Social Sciences, and Department of Commerce.

The Medway Building [3]


              In 1995, serving Naresuan University’s policy to extend educational opportunities to the people in the Lower-Northern Region, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences started to offer courses at Naresuan University, Phayao Campus.  The two undergraduate programs offered in the first year were English and Business Management.  In that same year, the Faculty offered one more Master of Arts degree (in Business Management) in Phitsanulok.


              In 1992, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences first conducted its own Master’s program in Master of Arts in Thai Studies.  In 1994, the Faculty offered evening programs of study for students who wished to obtain a Bachelor’s degree but could not study in a regular program.  In the first phase, 3 programs of study were offered: English, Business Management, and Public Relations.


              In 1990, Naresuan University Council agreed to merged Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Social Sciences into “Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences”.  The new Faculty comprised 11 departments: Department of Western Languages, Department of Thai and Eastern Languages, Department of Linguistics, Department of Arts and Culture, Department of Music, Department of Library Sciences, Department of History, Department of Geography, Department of Political Sciences, Department of Economics, and Department of Sociology.  Later on, Department of Thai and Eastern Languages was separated into 2 departments, thus making Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences a twelve-department faculty.


              In 1982, Faculty of Humanities, in cooperation with Faculty of Education, started the master’s program for the Master of Education degree in Thai.  The Master’s program in English was offered the following year.


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