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Shan woke up from a coma, but covered with little effort and no, his mind a blank, she did not know how long sleep, as long as if a century, ICU ventilator to help her breathe still, she tried to sit up, legs very lose control. new elegant Louis Vuitton replica for sale online outlet. Man lying in her bed were awakened by the sound strange, raised his head, tears gushing out, Sixin shouted: "Doctor, doctor, she woke up, she woke up ......"

Shan stared, look at this man, sunken eyes, gaunt, temples white, carved wrinkles between the eyebrows. Luxurious Louis Vuitton replica handbags outlet for sale, Shan looked at him, kind heart spread out, "Dad ......" Shan softly called out. Man froze for a moment, suddenly hugged Shan, choking back tears. "You finally woke up, you know you are in a coma for four years ......" Shan tears fell on his face best replica handbags sale..

Shan's body is still very weak, beautiful face looks a little pale, for the former things she can not remember from where my father knew about her story: She turned out to be the bank teller, has loved her parents, as well as A love of her boyfriend, design Louis Vuitton replica handbags outlet. was months before the wedding, the bank began to arise to harm internal security, one day at noon, when she and another colleague on duty, armed robbery of the bank. She and her colleagues shouted for help, by the security of a person fired a shot, beautiful Louis Vuitton replica online sale, colleagues died on the spot, Shan abdomen and security after the gun is still fighting against brain, entangled in the head smack into the windowsill. Shan surgery do a full six hours, although strongly rescue saved her life, but because the brain has been a strong impact, it never woke up ...... Shan Shan's mother suffered a great stimulus, home The road was hit by a truck, with infinite care and regret passed away.

A few years, his father around the doctor, Designer Louis Vuitton replica for sale outlet, Shan also removed to the city's hospital, but there is the same conclusion: the opportunity for her to wake up is almost zero, even if it is to wake up, intelligence will be like teen the same. Father of the results of this bolt from the blue and did not give up hope, he went to borrow money, even if there is not expected to give up a little bit.

To finance the expensive medical bills, he sold the family house, but soon left. top quatily Louis Vuitton replica handbags outlet sale, In order to cure early-shan, save money, he sweat during the day at the construction site work, and in the evening went to the hospital guarding Shan, hungry to drink water on the bread to eat, sleepy nap in Shan bed, long-term nutrition also led to poor and tired body weak, but he is confident he will be able to wait until the Shan opened his eyes.

After a month of rehabilitation, the Shan hospital, just talk a little bit vague, but also to continue to stay in the city, reviewed regularly to the hospital for treatment. With her father rented a room during the day to take care of Shan's life, Designer Louis Vuitton replica for sale outlet, such as Shan sleep on at night after picking some bottles of good in exchange for a modest income. Shan color gradually good up and learned to dress themselves, cook their own food.

Father to buy her elementary school textbooks, teaching her little by little, slowly, Shan can read the newspaper, and the articulation gradually clear. Surprised when the physician review, in order to reduce their burden, beautiful louis vuitton replica handbags online sale, promised to introduce Shan hospital cleaners do. Fate finally slowly to Shan smiled.

Six months later, best Louis Vuitton replica for women sale, Shan's body was finally recovered, and learned a lot of knowledge through self-study, now apply for the evening, she was looking for a job a good point properly thanked her father. She worked very hard in the hospital, the patient's family members also helped spare time. top louis vuitton replica online, Patients and their families are very grateful to her, know more after her encounter boasting endless praise how great his father, a little old man is tears Lian Lian sigh: more good kids ah, really Bitter ah. Shan always smiled and said:. "Fate has been good enough for me, at least I'm still alive."

Gentle and kind-hearted Shan attracted a young doctor who called goodwill, he was deeply impressed by the spirit of Shan, he secretly began to take an interest in Shan, Shan know in learning, he put himself before learning materials all moved to hospital to Shan, Shan also guide learning. After slowly contact Shan also felt where many advantages: humor, kindness, erudition. Slowly close to the hearts, best replica handbags sale. Shan feel happy already started coming up. Another year passed.